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Passing wireing harness thru firewall??2008.

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..I need to pass a harness thru the firewall for a 2 meter ham rig. Previous vehicles I've wired had plastic plugs on the firewall to make this possible. On first glance of the 2008 Titan I didn't notice any plugs. Is there a "pass thru" somewhere?? Need to connect harness directly to the battery. Would there be any warrenty issues doing this??
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I sent a power line through on the passenger side through a big rubber grommet.

^^^From under the hood.

^^^From inside passenger footwell.

I don't know how much the 08's have changed from my 06, but I also ran some wires through an unused grommet just behind the brake master cylinder on the driver's side of the firewall. There are a few other places, like through the hood hinge opening, as well.
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..thank's so much. That helps.
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