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payload with towing

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I am loading up the truck for a 1300 mile hual,,,you think i'll be fine

what the deal with the tow button, i have used it before but how does it actually affect my gears/engine?
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The tow button as I understand just resets the shift points, and makes the tranny hold gears a little longer when towing. Unless your towing over 5000lbs I wouldn't even use tow mode.

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It really only effects the first 3 gears, just holds off the upshift a little more.
I use it whenever I tow, and with bigger tires it helps to keep the trans from "shortshifting"
I won't hurt a thing by using it, but it is nice around town when towing, but on the freeway it doesn't seem to do much if anything...
Lou is right about holding the shiftpoints in the first three. There's no reason NOT to use if if you're towing. Exactly what are you going to be hauling? What's the weight? Are you on OR or BT gears?
well about 1,000 lbs in the bed and a 4,000 lbs rear is a bit low with the 1k in the bed...I think i am going to install the PRG lift blocks i never put in when i ordered the mini lift....
That's exactly why I did the mini lift and not the level alone. I wanted a better stance when loaded. You should have any problems towing that. Go ahead and use the tow button. Don't be afraid to let her rev out a little. She's going to want to anyway.
just put in the rear blocks took about 30 mins....a lot better stance with 1k in the bed I have had the front spacers in for about 6 months....Now i won't be able to see what the whole mini lift really looks like till i unload :) will this increase my payload, or just ride better?
Won't increase your payload at all, just adjusts the stance. The ride is the same.
now i hit a tow scale with my payload and trailer, and weighed @ just under 9k with a full tank of gas...what is the weight of the 06 4x4 cc le
Look inside the drivers door. I think it's around 5500lbs, but not sure. When I moved here to Albuquerque I towed a uhaul trailer (6000lbs) and about a 1000lbs in the bed, and it towed like a champ.
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