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PCM-A/C ever heard of this??

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I have been into this particular dealership (non nissan) for the last year and a half trying to get my A/C fixed. I have been in at least 7 times and now I just want to get it fixed because of all the time and money I spent putting in a new condensor and compressor. The A/C seems to only blow cold when at a stationary position now. It blows warm when driving. After I suggested the cooler fan, the mechanic feels that the cooler fan is not operating properly and thus not constant cold air. They are sending me down to the closest nissan dealer which is 2 hours away to get a new PCM that is covered under warranty up to 80k. This part is called a Power Control Module and is supposed to regulate cooler fan.

Does anyone think this could be a correct diagnosis? I know A/C can be hard to diagnose but this is becoming ridiculous.

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there is a BCM, body control module. i don't think it's cover under the 80k mikes warranty.
there's also the IPDM intelligent power distribution module. not sure about a power control module.

most complaint i hear about is hot air when moving but cold when stop,
nissan even has a tsb to address that
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