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Stage V is a way to express what mods I have without listing them on the site. Those who are familiar with the 90+ 300zx community knows what it means. I didn't get 55 extra HP, I got about 100hp. The difference between rwhp and the hp rating you get from the manufacturer is when Nissan says the Titan gets 305 hp, that means it gets 305 hp at the crank of the motor. When JetForeman dyno'd his Titan, he got 258 rear wheel horsepower (rwhp). When I dyno'd my Z, I got 360 rwhp. Rear wheel HP is better and more true measure of power because it takes into account drive train lose.

pluckyew said:
what's "- Stage V"?
how did get 55 more hp? what hp vs rwhp? re: "- 360 rwhp"


re: piopremier's 22" wheels, as long as it's not meant to off road performance then it makes a lot of sense. wonder how wide them rubbers are? looks good.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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