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picked up some stock 18" 6 spoke rims for $75

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i was browsing craigslist the other day, and i went under auto parts and looked up titan one listing came up saying 4 titan 18inch rims for 75 bucks. so i email him to see if they were still avaliable, and he got back to me the next day. so i gave him my phone number to call to see where i could pick them up. next day he called and i met him a few hours later. for 75 bucks i got 4 rims with tires but the tires have little tread left and 2 tires went flat when he had them on a chevy truck. i think he said he picked these rims up in florida when he was there to put on his dads chevy truck, then took them off and didnt want them anymore. he was really eager to get rid of them, suprisingly at a price of 75 bucks when they are probably $300+ from the dealer. there are some scratches where the lug nuts go other then that there are no chips or curb rash.

sorry for the novel but i am very excited:thumbsup:
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I would be excited too.... will keep my eyes open for a winter set of rims...
i am not sure what i want to do with them yet, i always see chromed factory rims going on ebay so i just might get these 18s chromed and use them as my baller rims, and use the 17s for winter.

i will probably post some pics of them today when i take them out of the truck and store them in the basement.

i also forgot to say that they have tire pressure sensors in them too.
one mans junk is another mans treasure.
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