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PICS - Headlight Blackout - Slightly different

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I just finished doing the headlight mod. I am pretty happy with how it came out. The headlights on the newer Titans have so much orange in them, and I hated how that looked.

Cracking apart the headlight housing was a real pain, as well as removing all the old gasket. At first I couldn't decide how to paint the blinkers, and wanted to make sure I kept them functional. I slightly spray tinting the upper orange piece, and then taping off a styled strip before painting the rest black. I think it came our real nice, leaving just enough tinted orange to be seen clearly when the blinker comes on.

Here are some pics. Let me know what you think.


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Looks good, I like it.
Looks real good. Nice job and great idea.

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Looking pretty good. I'm in the process of doing my lights now... I hope they look as good as yours.
That looks really nice.
That looks so sick, good idea man me likey:eyebrow:...
thats effin nice man, looks great, i gota do this soon:)
great idea, i like it! can you post some pics of the parking lights on?
i like how you think brutha. good job!
I like it man it looks really clean
Thanks for all the nice comments guys. I will post a couple more pics tonight to show the blinker, and a pre-assembly pic of the upper amber piece and how it was painted.

The truck looks so much better from the front. The stock lights were an eyesore with the color of my truck.
Couple more pics. It is hard to get a good shot of them.


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pretty cool idea it looks good, but only a 3/4" strip lets light out?
looks awesome
looks good, good idea. I did mine (2009) and blacked them all out, it is a little dark, I have some LED's on the way from Armaden and hoping that will help the situation
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