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Pics of my 2008 Titan SE CC "smoke"

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Hey guys,

Finally got around to taking some more pictures of my titan the other day.

The location of the pictures is where i'm keeping my 1990 240sx Coupe to work on for the VH45DE engine swap. The 240 is in a 4 bay garage, and across from that garage is an 11 bay garage with a paint booth and a huge lift.

I will start another thread with the 240sx and pictures of the VH45DE engine i'm picking up soon

Thanks for looking guys, those are some pics of my 240sx and the shop i'm working in to do the VH45DE swap.

Here is a pic of the motor I bought, and it still in the car, it runs and doesn't smoke at all!

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Looks awesome. What's your suspension setup?
Looks awesome. What's your suspension setup?
Its stock except the traction bars.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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