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Picture request of the bumper for Honda250xtitan and others

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I have had several ask about my bumper and I have not been a good Titan member by providing pictures to you all. :lol:

All credit goes towards motorvisions, he designed, built it, etc... I'm just sportin' it nowadays. :)

I think its just because I still want to drop my body lift and add lights before I show it off on TT, which now seems it may take awhile for all that....but whatever its all a progression anyways! Enjoy!

Love this bumper! If only I had more funding to continue! :(
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Love that rear bump. Probably wont look right though unless you got glass fenders.

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I'm on my BB, search for brookgehles on here. He builds and sells them as a hobby I think, he has them on fleabay
Kris's bumper is way better looking then Brookgheles. No comparison
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Lol, well then I must find them and see his bumpers to compare. So far I don't think I've seen any other pre-runner bumper that I like more than my own.
here is the pic of it on my truck. dont think i have a pic of the cutdown rear bumper , but i think there is one in the prerunner thread.


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There it is, haha, I tried looking for that picture John... I guess I coulda just got it off from your facebook. lol
Brooks bumper doesnt compare at all. Its just looks like a beefed stock bumper.


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