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Pictures of my old Titan

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Pictures of my old Titan after accident.
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lets see some pics of the new one! btw what happened in the accident?
Hope everyone came out alright!! Sad to see one go, but it probably means a nice new one for you!
So far the only pictures of the new one I have is the recent install of a bed rug and advance tonneau cover that I posted earlier. I plan on posting more pictures of the new one as the mods come along. BTW the new one is an 08 CC Le, red brawn 4x4, its loaded, including the factory navigation. My next mod will probably be an exhaust and CAI, I had the volant exhaust and CAI on my last one. I think i'm going to try the Injen Cai this time, the volant cai was a little louder than i wanted. haven't decided on an exhaust yet. I am considering the nismo, zoomers, borla or gibson dual side swept. I haven't heard much talk about zoomers on this site. I mostly hear JBA or magnaflow. what's the word on zoomers?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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