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Piggyback Question

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Hey guys,
I installed a Stillen S/C on my truck a few weeks ago. After installing the kit I put about 500 miles on it to allow the ecu to adjust, then I hooked up my wideband and scantool to it. The fuel trims are horrible and WOT AFR was around 14.5:1 (way too lean for forced induction). I'm also having some pinging issues (93 octane). With no way of retarding the timing and adjusting the map on the road I'm having to stay out of the throttle for now.

Anyway, I'll stop complaining and get to the point. Do any of yall know of a company that makes a good piggyback (like splitsecond) for the titan with self- tuning capabiliy? (Fuel mapping, open and closed loop, and timing retard) I've been looking for a while and I haven't really found anything.
I'd really like to toss the Chip that came with the S/C, install a good piggyback and retune it myself.

Don't get me wrong guys, I love forced induction and wouldn't have it anyother way. This will be the fourth vehicle that I've installed a supercharger on and once this one is done right I'm sure that I'll enjoy it as much as I have the others.

Thanks in advance,
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Ah......the ill tuned Stillen piggyback issue has reared it's ugly head again. There are no "good" piggy-back units for the Titan. You will need to contact [email protected] Stillen and they will probably have to retune for your truck. I wouldnt be doing any more WOT runs anytime soon.

Good luck!
Stillen wont have anything to do with Uprev.......kyle made that clear in another post.
No.....Uprev can't/won't attempt to override a piggy back unit. And if you do take off the Stillen VK pro and use Uprev say bye bye to any warranty.
You can use their Cypher software to monitor and clear codes, but nothing in the form of tuneability.
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