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Pimped by f-16

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nice and clean. Good job
sharp looking ride!

interesting notes: side rockers, i like the headlights and what you've done with them. thought about something similar. cowl looks great!
Beautiful work, holy cow that is one sweet Titan. My hat's off to you.

How did the headlights get painted? I want mine blacked out now!!!!
i'm stealing the idea....i'm sorry, but i have to now....:teeth:
Nice paintjob. What side skirts/steps are those?
That is a nice looking truck, man! I like the headlight treatment! Now, if you put the Silverbulbs in there, you wouldn't even see the little orange dot of the turnsignal light. VERY NICE!!!!
I went on Christmas vacation and left my truck with f-16 and returned home to a pimped out ride..The side rails are custom made by f-16 in his garage. Its unbelievable the ideas he comes up with....I will take no credit on this vision..All credit goes to F-16.....................................
SO are you and Pat ying and yang now? LOL

Truck looks awesome! congrats.

I've got to find the pics of his truck that I have.
Thats sweet! Like Fritz said, its the opposite of F-16's pretty cool. You should get a pic of the 2 parked next to each other!
Ahhhh.... OK, F16 told me that those side skirts were his custom fab stuff before. It definitely looks sweet.
Demondw3 said:
Nice "white out" titan.
Demond I saw your truck at stillen...white lifted...sweet
kuntao said:
Demond I saw your truck at stillen...white lifted...sweet
Thanks...I still would trade my ignorant dog for your S/C and she is housed trained! She has about 3 good days left in her if she keeps barking in the middle of the night waking me up.:jester:
Thanks for a the great comments...I have lowering shackles but want it lower. Think it would better dropped?
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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