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Pinion Bearing?

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Well I am in the process of getting things together for my Tru-Trac Install. Since the truck has 121K miles on it i figured while it is apart i should go ahead and replace all the bearings replaced for good measure. Got the wheel bearings and new axle seals.

Problem is the pinion bearing in N/A from Nissan. Therfore all the parts stores also don't even have access to one, doesn't come up on their computers and is not listed in any of their books.

Anybody ever had to replace one? Figured maybe I would check with Randy's Ring and Pinion, and West Coast Differentials on Monday.

Any Answers or suggestions?
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baseballfanz said:
I got a part number for pinion bearing as 38120-8S100 and 38120-8S101
Is That a Nissan Number?

Thanks for the reply.
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