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Pirelli Scorpion ATR!!!!!

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Got new shoes for Blackbeauty this weekend. Tirerack supplied, locally installed. Very interesting design with the rim protection. Takes a bit more pressure to set the bead as the tire needs to pop over the rim face just a bit. I like the way they ride and handle, though! Very quiet, very stable, and handle great!!! I'm liking my choice!

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Pirelli Scorpion ATR in 285/70R17.
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Lookin good. As usual! I always wondered about pirelli's truck tires. Keep us informed on how they perform in the long run..
How much did they run you?
$180 each at Tirerack. $11.99 per tire to install. Total, tires, shipping, installation, taxes = $844.40.
Good choice, their rated number one in AT tires at the tirerack.
hecks yea good choice!

remember anything you want to purchase from tireracks website, use the links on these forums (the banner that says tirerack), so that the forum gets credit! if your really nice, you can also refrence my name (spencer) on the forum.
I got some of those for my wife's 4-Runner. I got those before I got some BFG for my Titan. I should have gotten those Pirelli for my Titan too.
Nice looking tire... Did you know that Pirelli developed those for the F150 FX4 package, they are also OEM on some of the Land Rover SUV's
I know this is an old post but I am wondering how these have held up?
I am on my second pair of Pirelli Scorpion ATR. I have them in 20" and quite the best tire I have had. My first set I got about 68k out of them.
Funny thing is...when I got them in 2007, the white letter version was way cheaper than the all black version, so that's what I got.
Fast forward to 2011, and pricing out a new set of Scorps, the white letter version is now $50 more due to Ford making them an OEM spec. :p
I still am very happy with this tire and it looks awesome.

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I know this is an old post but I am wondering how these have held up?
i have had them for 2 1/2 years and put 30k on'em - still have a lot of tread on them. i rotated every 5000 religiously. they do handle very nicely on wet or dry. can't really attest to the offroad performance as i have done no offroading. not as aggressive looking as some other at's but they do look nice imho. i would definintely consider them again someday.
Ive had mine about 2.5 years as well.

They have about 20K of pure towing miles on them.

10K of towing 9000 pounds with 770 pounds of tongue weight. (toyhauler)
10K of towing 7500 pounds with 500 pounds of tongue weight.(boat)

They also air down nicely and Ive arrived at the bech, and the rocks and aired down to 14 pounds - done some sand running and rock climbing and they held up well.

Ive rotated them twice and they have more than 50% life still left in them. These tires wear like iron. The only bad thing I have to say about them is they flat spot easily after sitting awhile. They straighten out when they heat up, but are a little bumpy in the morning if you let your truck sit over a month.

They can also handle higher air pressure than the factory hoops. Which is very helpful for heavier tongue weight towing as you can put the backs at 50.

I would absolutely buy them again.

Uncle Dave
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