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Pissin' gear oil from the vent tube.

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I changed the front diff oil a few months ago and now when I run 4wd for a prolonged period I'm getting some oil up and out the vent tube.

I thought that I just overfilled it, I filled it like everyone say, until it runs out, so I drained a little and I am still getting some out. I checked the diff after running it and it didn't seem excessively hot.

Any ideas????
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Thanks, that's what I've been doing. Just wanted to make sure it wouldn't be a problem.

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Mine did the same thing a couple of years ago but it did not have to be in 4wd.
The dealer tried to fix it like 4 times and finally put a new front diff. in my truck under warranty.
Good luck man.

Keep bugging them or they will just try to put you off each time.
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