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Pittsburgh Meet Oct. 20th

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This is floating around on a couple of the other Titan forums. Come on up to Steeler country! We can go to Premanti Bros. for dinner.

This is Scott Varney, from Beaver County Nissan. I have a date for the Titan Event. Saturday, October 20, 2007 11am - 4pm. Fire Mountain here in Chippewa has agreed to host the event and also co-sponsor. Here are some ideas:

Event name: "Clash of the Titans 2007"
Registration: This year being the first event, all registrations will be complenetary. Each Titan Owner who registers will receive a full color dash plaque, 1 complimentary meal from Fire Mountain, and a possible T-Shirt.
Prizes: Trophies for Best of Show, Most Origional, and Titan who traveled the furthest.
Judges: Owner of Beaver County Nissan, Nissan Sales Manager for Western Pa, and General Manager of Fire Mountain.
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any word on this sledge?
hmmmmm.......i may take home the farthest traveled. Anything to get back to the 'Burgh
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