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Plain vertical pusher bars for Gen1?

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Anyone know where to find the plain rectangular / square pusher bars that I see on the highway service tow vehicles in Southern California? I've only ever seen them on two truck titans, however, when I looked really close the front end seemed like a plain old Gen1 and these bars simply bolted on to the OEM tow hook location. These ones were SUPER burly and had a thick ~1/2" or maybe even 3/4" thick rubber pad. They are for *actually pushing cars* . For whatever reason it is impossible to find these via Google (all that comes up is decorative bull bars / brush guards / etc). I figure this is an accessory question for people towing and hauling, hence this forum.

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I've often done things like detach a trailer in a sloped driveway, rotate it 180 degrees, then try to get 4 dudes to push it up. Sorry if this was the wrong place - I figured "tow and haul" was "place where people do real work with their truck" and this is "real work - pushing cars out of ditches, moving trailers, not getting your bumper crushed with the work truck in front of you backs up, etc etc". :)
oh... I just re-read your commend and realized yes, I actually do plan to head out to El Mirage next weekend and pushing would be insanely useful there. :)
Yeah, that's close to what I want, but not quite there. I'm not super interested in a front mount hitch for a handful of reasons. For starters, I want something bolt-on, preferably where the tow hooks go (to the best of my knowledge the receivers need welding). Next, I want minimal increase in vehicle length (it barely fits in the night garage as-is). I'm also keen on the really subtle square ones I tried to describe originally - I'd describe the picture "Custom Front Receiver, Pushbar" as... not subtle. heh. I appreciate the ideas, though!
Hot dang I found a picture that's kinda what I'm looking for!!

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I'm looking for something that's maybe 10 inches tall, total. I was hoping to do like a 40/60 split where it's 4 inches down from the tow hook spot and 6 inches up. Basically I agree it can't go too far up or it wouldn't be very strong. What I'm looking for is pretty much some steel bars with rubber pads - preferably just like 1/2" steel and then another 1/2" of rubber (not 4 or 5 inches deep like the cop car above). Unfortunately I don't have the tools to fabricate that properly and I'd really prefer bolt-on, hence this thread :).
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