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Plain vertical pusher bars for Gen1?

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Anyone know where to find the plain rectangular / square pusher bars that I see on the highway service tow vehicles in Southern California? I've only ever seen them on two truck titans, however, when I looked really close the front end seemed like a plain old Gen1 and these bars simply bolted on to the OEM tow hook location. These ones were SUPER burly and had a thick ~1/2" or maybe even 3/4" thick rubber pad. They are for *actually pushing cars* . For whatever reason it is impossible to find these via Google (all that comes up is decorative bull bars / brush guards / etc). I figure this is an accessory question for people towing and hauling, hence this forum.

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if you're towing/hauling why would you need a push bar? headed to the sprint car track after???
oh... I just re-read your commend and realized yes, I actually do plan to head out to El Mirage next weekend and pushing would be insanely useful there. :)
haha fair enough.

for real work i traded my titan in for a 6.7 Ford. gets lots of work done with 900LB tq.:devil:
how high you gonna bring it up? if its too tall and doesn't have any support other then the tow hook spot, the top will bend back when it gets used IMO. Custom made would be relatively simple, if you have the tools. Unbolt tow hook, use the holes to mark the new bracket. Some heavy angle iron would work fine. Then off the angle iron you can bolt/weld the "push bars".

A shop would probably make it not worth the hassle tho (cost wise)
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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