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Plasti Dip - Roof & Hood - Pics?

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I have an 04 CC (Black) that the hood and roof are in bad shape paint wise. I'm toying around with the idea of plasti-dip'ing them but I'm not sure how the black gloss vs black dull will look.

Has anyone with a black truck done this? do you have pictures you wouldn't mind sharing?
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I've never had luck with plastidip and longevity. After a month or two it starts to get little imperfections and it's downhilll from there. If anything I would vote to do Bedliner if you are wanting a long term solution, or just fork over the money for getting it re-painted.

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I'm not sure I want to drop that much money into the truck - but I need to do something with the hood and roof. I was worried about the longevity of it especially on the hood where it seems to get pretty warm.
Think on the hood would be fine. Roof would probably never go bad, unless you going through trails with trees.
Use "Auto Dip" its a liquid vinyl that actually looks like paint and is glossy. and is pretty durable. more than plasti dip
Looks like Auto Dip is 3x the price of Plasti Dip.. but then again you'd have to buy the glossifier if you went the plasti dip route.
i have not used auto dip. but the videos and images are far superior to plasti dip. and my experience with glossifier is bad. id rather pay 3x as much but thats me haha
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