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Please help! Torque converter.

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Really having some issues with my 2004 titan 4x4. When the truck hits 5th gear and I hit a hill or push the gas to jump into overdrive the whole cab shakes like a misfire or its slipping. I can go ahead and push the gas a little further and it will go ahead and jump into overdrive. It's throwing no codes on my dash whatsoever. I can run the truck in 4th gear and it will not do it at all. I've had every place but the dealership run diagnostics on it with no luck. Anyone have similar issues or know what I can do to fix it?

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How many miles on the truck, and has the transmission been serviced at all?
Sounds like the TCC is slipping excessively on lockup and you are expericing torque converter shudder
That is a good amount of miles and how many did you put on the truck?
Have you towed/hauled with it since you have owned it, if so what kind of loads?

The torque is constantly engaging and disengaging and if the previous owner ran it hot or hard (hauling heavy loads OD) there could be damage to the TC.

What does the fluid smell like?

I would be dropping the pan to see what the screen and magnets look like. If it is in fact TC shudder you may be able to get some more miles out of it by servicing the transmission and replacing the fluid with fresh ATF and a friction modifier like Lubegard Shudder Fix.

Be aware tho as the post above me states it could very well be a electrical gremlin too. Hard to diagnose problems over the web forums.
If you have access to a buddy or a local shop that you are in with and they have a scanner that is able to bring up the values for the transmission especially the torque converter lockup I would go for a test drive and watch those values as it is shuddering.

I would start putting back for a rebuild and trying to find a good local reputable transmission shop to do the overhaul and have the aftermarket cooler added and radiator taken out of the loop or replaced with a new rad.
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