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Please help with Suggestions. My 08 Titan wont start

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Yesterday, my truck refused to start. Cranks well but just won't start. I noticed two strange things. The AC or condenser fan comes up even when the ignition is in the "ON" position and the fan regulator is OFF. Secondly, the security indicator light on d dash comes on and remains solid after 3seconds of turning the key to the ON position. I have tried everything I read .....from swapping relays in d IPDM to resetting the security by locking the car with the key in two rapid succession. Can't say I have checked all the fuses bcoz I really don't which to check(although I checked a couple) Any ideas? Pls help
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Fans coming on means an ECU issue. I would try a known good battery with more than 12.5 volts.

The running saying for the titan is that "it is always the battery"! Hope you didn't toast the ECU.
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