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I have read plenty on this topic in the past hours, but haven't found an answer to my question...

I want to do this myself. I have changed plugs before on other vehicles, but there were no torque specifications.
Seems not there is a torque spec on everything. Back in the day hand tighten and 1/4 turn was good.

How important is it to torque plugs in a 2005 Titan as well as the coil bolts? Can I use the "old school" formula without issues. I know "the book" says 18 Ft Lb on plugs and 80 In Lb on coils, but just want a "old school" formula if they at there. :smile:

I know the anti seize and dielectric grease seems to be a must on plugs in the Titans.

Any tips from past experiences for you all?

Thanks in advanced.
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