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possessed door locks

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Hey Guys,
I have a 2009 Titan with factory keyless entry and the door locks have a mind of their own. When I am driving down the road, the Doors do the auto lock thing at 15mph, which is fine, but I hear the door actuators trying to relock randomly every once in a while when driving. After driving, the doors do the auto unlock from being put in park, then the doors lock and try to relock themselves every 10-20 seconds and sometimes flash the 4ways and chirp the horn like the alarm is being armed. The odd part is, If open and close my door after putting the truck in park, the trucks stops trying to lock itself. I took the batteries out of both of my key FOBs so that isn't the issue. I think it is the keyless entry on the truck side that is causing the problems. Is there a fuse I can pull for the time being do disable it before the Titan decides I am not worthy and locks me out?
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Try turning off the auto-lock feature to see if that alleviates the problem.
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