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Possible Electrical Problem

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Hey alll! I am currently overseas right now and my mom has my truck and she told me the truck wouldn't start because she left the doors open just for about 5 mins to unload gorceries and stuff out the truck! She went to start the truck and it wouldn't start! I've left the doors open a little longer to vaccum the truck and it started right away! Do you know what the possibilites are?

Any help or advice is appriciated! If you need more specifics please let me know! We only get 30 mins here at the computer lab! So I had to make it short and sweet! Gosh the desert sucks!

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battery is the mostly likely cause, need load test.
Let me take a shot here. Your truck is a 2004 and I'm going to bet the battery is the OEM battery, right? Load test done. Battery done.

Time for a new battery is all. Ours aren't known for longevity anyway.
Thanks guys! I appreciate your help!

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