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great forum here, glad i found this place, ok so im looking to become a new titan owner and had some questions about why and what to look for......

1. looking at either the 2005 or 2006 (budget reasons) is there any real difference between the two and what would they be?

2. when looking at the possible new truck, what should i be looking for and any things that were big issues?

i really appreciate your comments and knowledge, i cant wait to own one, i thought that of the gas trucks on the market that the titan would meet all my towing and luxury needs.

thanks in advance everyone!

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They improved the front diff on the 4x4s, I think sometime in 2006, to strengthen the housing and resist the half shafts popping out. Thinks to check out:

Rear axle - powdered metal spiders prone to failure - rear axle seals prone to leaking - check valve vent prone to clogging

Parking Brake - prone to not working well from not being adjusted, gear oil contamination from axle seal leaks, delamination of brake shoes

Radiator - prone to cracking in the bottom plastic part, integrated tranny cooler sometimes fails mixing oil & ATF, tranny cooler hoses/clamps prone to leaking

Power Steering - pressure hose prone to leaking/weeping

OEM shocks - would need to be replaced if not done already

OEM rear leaf spring shackles - prone to failure, sending end of spring through bed

A/C drain through firewall on front passenger side - prone to leaking, mildewing carpet

IPDM ECM relay - prone to failure (on recall)

Exhaust Manifolds - prone to cracking - have integrated cats which have failed in a few cases, resulting in backsucking of cat grit into engine causing engine failure

Brakes - many replaced for judder - early year rotors are small - you can get decent aftermarket rotors & pads.

Transmission mount - rubber prone to tearing

Sway bar bushings - probably need replacement

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