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Does anyone out there have these with tires on them w/ decent tread left. I might just be interested.....

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i have a brand new set of 18 OR wheels off a 2008 PROX4! pm me if interested
No tires but I do have 4 off road rims. No sensors either. Just throughing it out there.
Bumpity Bump......:cheers:
Yea, my titan has the 17 base wheels on it w/ about 32000 miles on the tires. I would be more than happy to sell these to you once I can find a decent set of stock wheels and tires (18s or 20s)
I have some 255/75/17 (32") BFG Mud Terrains

BRAND new... I still haven't got them from shipping yet.... but I sold the truck they were for and got my Titan. (for my dakota)

My Titan has 18" rims so I cant even use them.

PM me if interested.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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