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Post-Header Install Issue

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Hey guys!
I bought a 2010 Titan a few months ago, my first truck. First thing I noticed was a pretty wicked exhaust leak coming from the driver side manifold. Today I remedied that issue with some stainless steel long tubes and a true dual exhaust to match. The leak is gone, which I'm very excited about, but I noticed another issue that I hadn't before. Around 60 mph my truck will drop into what I'm assuming is overdrive. This is fine, as the gas mileage is pretty awful, and I'd like to keep the rpms as low as possible. The issue is that it doesn't really want to downshift to pick up passing speed. I have to either push the throttle about halfway or feather it to get it to drop a gear. It might just be a coincidence as far as timing with the exhaust stuff, but it makes me worry. Any ideas?

Tl;dr - Put headers on, doesn't want to downshift at speeds.
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did you have the truck tuned by Uprev after header install? If not tht is part of the problem. To run properly after a header install the truck needs to be tuned by Uprev or your fuelto air ratios will be off and you will cause damage to the truck after some time. Without the tune you will run rich which might be causing the low MPG's.
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