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Post pics of your 6" or taller lifts and tires

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Hey everyone, I'm buying a 6" lift tomorrow to go on top of my 3" body lift. I'll have a total of 9" of lift then 3" spacers so after I put those on I will have an awsome 12" of lift! I'm just not sure what tires look the best with that high of a lift. I already have 35" mud graps, but I don't want something that aggressive since I am turning it into a show truck and want to run at least 37's..what do you guys think? And I really like the Toyo m/t open country and the nitto dune grapplers because they have flames on them..any suggestions?

Post some pics of your ts with at least a 6" lift and the tires so I can get an idea=]
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There is a whole thread like this already just do a quick search

Edit here is the link.

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O ok thanx!!
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