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Hi guys,
Just got back from picking up my 09 SE. I'm absolutely loving this truck!!! Having a silverado before and now driving this, I almost kick myself in the @$$ for not getting one sooner.

Cars for Sale: 2009 Nissan Titan 4x4 Crew Cab SWB in Winston Salem, NC 27105: Truck Details - 290796233 -

Ended up getting it for 25,500, so not a bad deal i think, considering KBB was 32,000.

First things first though, I believe my first addon is going to be a banks exhaust, with a 2.5" ypipe, along with a banks intake.

Then the $500 Uprev, as I dont trust myself with the $700 and doing it myself. Would this be the best bet, if I plan on going with DT Headers in the near future?

Also, I want a lift, but thats a while away, and think 33's would suit me for now. Do I need any kind of lift for those, or will they fit stock? No major offroading going on, just want I nice stance. I've read about the leveling kits, but to me this model looks pretty level, is the leveling kit only for certain models?

One last thing. Anyone have any suggestions for some good tight fitting seat covers?

Glad to be a new Titan owner and plan to be one for a looong time to come...
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I think they should fit. Maybe a little trimming will be needed.
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