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Hi I am thinking about purchasing a Titan 4wd with the 5.4l engine. My real question is how do they run? Are there any major issues I should know to look for or be ready for when purchasing?

I currently own a 2007 F-250 6.0L diesel that I just purchased about 6 months and within the last 3 months that truck has been nothing but a headache, I've had to have it towed twice and almost have it towed another 2 times. It's VERY unreliable I cannot even go anywhere without me thinking if i will actually get home or not. And I feel like I have already gave it a chance fixing it and maintenance spending more then 7k. Enough is enough.

How does this truck tow? I will be towing light stuff, my 21' boat which weighs about 4K loaded, And a car on a car trailer from time to time, about 6k with trailer.

Looking forward to some feedback, I figured no better spot then to come on here and ask the owners of this truck!
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Whether you get a big tow or a standard Titan I think you will be very impressed. Awesome torque down low through mid range. Don't believe all the gas mileage garbage you hear. I get 14.5 mpg around town. I am not a lead foot. I've owned my Titan for about 3 years now. I've put around thirty thousand miles on it and the only thing I've done is put gas in it and change the oil.IMO if you do decide to get a Titan, make sure it's a 09 or newer. They have more power and fixed all the weak links.
Yeah, anything that tows much is going to get similar gas mileage.

I've been very happy with towing ability of the Titan, and love the looks on people's faces when I pass them on the interstate with my Titan pulling a 31ft travel trailer. :big_grin:
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