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Hi I am thinking about purchasing a Titan 4wd with the 5.4l engine. My real question is how do they run? Are there any major issues I should know to look for or be ready for when purchasing?

I currently own a 2007 F-250 6.0L diesel that I just purchased about 6 months and within the last 3 months that truck has been nothing but a headache, I've had to have it towed twice and almost have it towed another 2 times. It's VERY unreliable I cannot even go anywhere without me thinking if i will actually get home or not. And I feel like I have already gave it a chance fixing it and maintenance spending more then 7k. Enough is enough.

How does this truck tow? I will be towing light stuff, my 21' boat which weighs about 4K loaded, And a car on a car trailer from time to time, about 6k with trailer.

Looking forward to some feedback, I figured no better spot then to come on here and ask the owners of this truck!
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the 5.6 is a monster and loves to tow in the upper rpms. its got a super low first gear so off the line its fantastic.
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