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Power and mpg loss

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Hey guys, I have a feeling it's highly likely it's this ****yy winter blend fuel but I thought I would see if anybody else is going thru this. I have a 2008 full size 4 door Titan with 60,000 miles with a 6in lift with 35s. I have the big tow package and with my banks intake and exhaust, bdgt and tb spacer I average around 14 thru town and alittle bit higher on the interstate according to my bdgt, not too shabby for my setup. I've noticed the past month and a half that my mileage has gone down about 3-4 mpg and it seems like a slug compared to before, I reset my bdgt and it's still doing the same thing. I've read tons of threads on winter fuel being absolute crap but I didn't read so much about power loss, well any suggestions would be great to hear, you all have helped me out alot over the years so any input would be great, thanks
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I have to tell you I think it all depends on brand. Up here I normally use Shell gas. I was at the dealership and had my exhaust manifolds replaced and had to fill us using Petro Canada which is really the only brand up here that advertise winter gas.

I had been getting 12.5 MPG and 490 km per tank. Now with 2 new exhast manifolds, cats and such I would think that I would be getting much better than the current 420 when the light came on. On Shell I was getting an honest 450-460 before the light was coming on. I have not adjusted my driving at all.

Tomorrow I have to fill up and will use Shell. I'll see what happens and hopefully get better mileage with Shell than with the Petro Can stuff/
Yeah I'm kinda stumped, idk what's going on with it.
clean your air filter.
clean your air filter.
Air filter is a big part in it, also, for MPG check the tires, low tire pressure leads to more MPG, and a slight power loss i guess, as its covering more ground and harder to turn the tires.
After ensuring the Air Filter is clean and not over oiled, use some CRC Brand MAF Sensor Cleaner to clean the MAF Sensor. Dirt, and cold may have caused dirt to accumulate on it.
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