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Power Locks & Keyless Entry

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I just installed power locks with keyless entry on my 2013 S, so I'm going to throw this info out there while it is still fresh (yes who buys a newer truck without power locks, well it was very cheap for that reason). I search for info before tackling this and a lot of it was just very incomplete for someone who has never done a project like this.

I installed the A1 Electric 2 Door Cable Lock Kit with AVI-2101 Keyless Entry with a pair of the flush mount switch kits
A1 Electric Online Store: 2 Door Cable Lock Kit with AVI-2101 Keyless Entry

There are multiple sets of instructions, and it's pretty overwhelming trying to figure out where to start, or what pertains to what, when to switch from one set to another etc.

The resources I found helpful prior to starting
2007-2011*Nissan*Titan*Vehicle Wiring Chart and Diagram

It took my 12 hours to do this install myself so hopefully someone in the future can make use of this info and not waste an entire Saturday.

First up, the video for removing the door has three screws holding it on, also no manual window. There's a couple more hidden screws making it 5. Once you get all of the screws (and door handle) out just use the flat head to pry around the edge of the door cover, there's a ton of plastic clips holding it on

The picture for where to position the motor was very helpful, but severely lacking in details on the cable construction. The instructions mention every possible scenario, which doesnt help you until you're already committed :serious:

The first thing you want to do after mounting the motor and bracket is hold your cable up and mark where it will sit

Then you can trim off the outer plastic with a razor blade. Oh look metal braided wire!

Next you'll need a decent set of diagonal cutters to carefully snip the wires all the way around on both sides of the area you marked. Do not try to cut them with pressure to the entire area or you could damage the actual cable

Now that you have that ridiculousness trimmed off you'll see a white plastic sleeve. You must mount the cable to the bracket with the clips prior to trimming this part off.

That sleeve is the only thing that keeps the line from moving and if it moves your locking mechanism might not line up correctly with the door switch. Use and x-acto knife to trim around the backside

Just take a couple pairs of pliers and bend the rod until it rides along the path of the wire for the short amount of range needed. It doesnt have to be all perfect right angles to work.

Slide this little guy onto the rod and over the cable and tighten all the set screws

With the power locks there will be some long thick black cable and a blue relay box. This is the wiring to connect the left/right doors together and to power. Set the box under the drivers side and route the shorter cable into the drivers door and the longer cable through the back of the center console and into the passengers door.

Cut back the black casing with a razor and you will see a red, blue, black, brown, and purple wire, these all connect to your lock motor and the kit comes with crimp on metal connectors and plastic covers (make sure you put the plastic on the wire before crimping the connectors). If you are hooking up the switch kit this is where you will have to splice in the wires for the switch, which are conveniently color matched to the rest of the wires

If you're not connecting keyless all you have to do is run a 12v from the battery into the cab (make sure you put a fuse on this line) to power the relay, and connect the ground to the frame.

I really did not want to splice a bunch of wires around the steering column (I'm still not sure exactly which harness is for what under there just by looking, there's so many). To make the wireless lock/unlock work you only need to splice one wire into the main harness connected directly into the steering column. This will not get you the lights/horn etc features but I dont care about that. From all the instructions this is the only part you need to make keyless work. This is from the massive wiring harness that plugs into the black box receiver in the keyless kit. All of those wires and you only need 6.

The yellow wire from the receiver splices into the black/red ignition wire on your steering column

The blue/black and green/black wires from the receiver splice into the brown and purple wires from the door relay. It doesnt matter which side of the relay the splice is on. Splice the red receiver wire into that 12v battery wire you already ran, and then connect the black and purple/black wires to a ground. That's it for wiring!

For the flush switch, I popped the switch panel off the door, traced around the base of the flush clip base and cut it out with my dremel.

Hopefully there's some helpful info in here!
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Nice write up!
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