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Power Mirrors

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I was wondering if possible to install power mirrors on XE model, I have not taken door panel off to see if wiring exist. I was hoping someone might have done this or knows if wiring is present. Also if someone has done it if relay or other parts are needed besides mirrors and switch.Any info would be greatly appreciated,Thanks...

2008 Titan XE
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I don't know what year your truck is, but my 2004 needed the wiring harness as well. The Service Department actually told me it'd be cheaper to buy a new truck than fit the XE with power mirrors. That was in 2005, though.
Too bad I didn't get on the forums in 2005. I would have loved to swap out my mirrors. Here's what you are looking for from the CT site:

XE to SE Pwr/Heated Mirror Conversion - Nissan Titan Forum: Club Titan Forums

Good Luck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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