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Power Nissan Tempe-gone down hill

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I brought the Titan in for 7500mile maintenance. No oil change since i do it myself. just 40 point inspection and balance and rotate. 69$ rip off.

The truck comes out and the tires weren't rotated, window washer fluid wasn't filled. I really think my truck just sat back there for a few hours then was pulled up. I had the service guy take it back again and rotate the tires.

This is probably the shadiest/cutting corners job I've seen. Upper management has changed and the results are obvious.

Look out if you guys are dealing with Power Nissan. Anyone know if I can go to another Nissan Dealer in the future? warranty issue, etc?

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I've been going to Midway nissan for years. I have yet to have any major issues with their sales or service team, last time I took my truck in for a nitro(in the tires) swap they washed waxed and vaccumed my truck at no addtional cost. Maybe it's becasue I've had 3 previous motors relaced there in my sentra... those cars just are not made to go fast, got tired of getting smoked by Titans.
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