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Power Steering hose & Exhaust manifold questions

I actually have a 06 QX56. Thanks to you fine people and the Club Armada forum I've refreshed this beast with ease over the last month, saved a ton doing it myself.

Two tricks I found just in case and will offer as a thank you:

1) If you strip a differential fill plug, don't get pissed at yourself like I did. Simply grab to Vise Grips, the plugs leave a little space between the cover and the edge of the plug. Clamp them on & loosen it easily. I replaced mine after this rare good idea worked, but will probably always break it loose this way from now on, was super easy.

2) If you have wind noise check out a product called 3M Silent door tape, great stuff, makes the ride much quieter! Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere yet.

You people helped me tackle the following with much less frustration, new control arms, hubs, axles, inner & outter tie rod ends, struts, ditched the air for Bilsteins, front U joint, steering bushings, and changing all the fluids. Obviously I'm not a rookie to working on cars but this forum made it much easier since I didn't have a manual. Thank you.

My questions:

1) I next need to replace the infamous power steering hose that has all the engineering genius of a North Korean rocket in it. So is there a best one? Is there a certain brand known to be better than the Nissan failure they went with? Are they all the same? Nissan's is much more expensive, but obviously not good. Which brands have fit like they're supposed and lasted?

2). I know my exhaust manifold has a leak, but no codes or anything. Do I need to replace it? Or just let it ride? Doesn't bother me. If I need to repair it what the cheapest best way to go and never have to fix it again? I'm in Birmingham, Alabama so we don't have emissions testing.

Which also means if headers are the best route, which is the easiest to install and last? Doesn't have to be CARB compliant. Should I use an insulator wrap?
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