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Power Steering Question

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Hey Everybody. Long time reader, first time writer. I believe I'm losing power steering fluid somewhere, but can't find a leak. Every once in a while I hear my pump whining so I check the fluid. Usually it's at the min line or just below and I top it off. This stops it for a while, but about two weeks later the whine starts and the fluid level is low again!!! Any similar problems out there? :crying:
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Man, if you're losing fluid there's just not that many places for it to go so as not to be noticeable. You're an '04, so out of warranty I presume. It's got to be right at the power steering pump that you're losing it. And if you never have the fluid below the minimum mark, it shouldn't be whining at you. So I'm thinking (again) that the pump's the culprit.
Thanks for the response. Just crawled under again and the bottom of the boots on both sides of the rack have something on them (presumably steering fluid!) Warranty expired 27 December!!!! I think it's odd that both seals would go bad at the same time with no mods to suspension yet.
That really stinks to have just gone out of warranty. :(
If you or anyone else get any ideas, shoot em to me!!

Need a new power steering rack, 28517 miles, warranty expired Dec 27, 2007, Nissan goodwill repair-"not recommended!"
mystery fluid
if your titan is a 4x4 check that your front drive axels are seated into the gearbox if they slip out you will get a puddle on one side or the other or both.this happened to me afterr installing the leveling kit..check your front diff fluid level and see if it is low to verify this.
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