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PRG Coilovers for sale....

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I have a set of PreRunnerGreg's awesome coilover front shocks that I have taken off my Titan. :crying:
These come with the red Eibach spring and remote reservoir.
Just pulled them off, they were only on for about a year.
They are Moreno Valley, Ca. 92557 aka Inland Empire

First $900 gets some great equipment.

[email protected]
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If you don't know what these are, pleas call PRG (Gregg) and ask. These by far are the best front coil overs available. IMO!!!
Well it appears that I have over priced the item...


Let's go $700

That is half price of a new set.
Yes these are the Radflo's.
Sorry for the confusion.
I thought....well guess I didn't think at all.
If I can get a hold of Greg, I will ask if they only fit on lifted trucks.
Mine is lifted with a CST kit.
A picture sure would make things a lot easier.
I only have one from when they were on the truck, so....

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Well if Ebay is a better way to buy these, try a search of 150174818289

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