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PRG Extended Travel, 295/70R18 Terra Grappler, XD 797 Spy

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Hey guys,

I have an '04 SE 4x4. I've ordered the PRG Extended Travel Package (3" lift) from Greg and I'm now out looking for new wheels and tires.

Can I use this setup, assuming the 3" lift:

Nitto Terra Grappler LT295/70R18 installed on KMC XD 797 "Spy" 18x8.5 with +18 offset

I used this link to compare stock vs. planned: P265/70R18 on 18x8/+25 vs. LT295/70R18 on 18x8.5/+18

I'm thinking I'm OK with this setup since it looks so close to OEM. I understand I may have to do the Pinch Weld Mod (PWM) if there's rubbing but I'm hoping I can get away without doing it.

One of the shops I spoke to mentioned needing hub-centric wheel spacers to prevent against studs sheering but I didn't completely follow his point and he wasn't that great at explaining. Why might it be a bad idea for me to mount my new wheel/tire combo directly on the hub? Any thoughts on that one?

I'd welcome any suggestions and especially confirmation of my wheels/tires... thanks guys.
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I was running 325/60R18 Terras on the exact same wheels with a leveling kit on my 08' 2wd with no problems. Whoever you talked to at that tire shop is an idiot. You don't need spacers.
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