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PRG i need your help...desperately

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PRG or anyone that can help, here it goes...
Well i wont get into much detail, but my 2.5 radflo remote res coilovers have been leaking for a while, but i never took it in because i dont drive my truck as often as i used to. well, i finally took them in to radflo (PRG told me to do this awhile ago because they were closer to me) to replace the seals and got them back last night. i decided to install them tonight and took the procomp stage1 back out. when i went to install the radflo's, things didnt seem the same but i didnt pay too much mind. when i put them in, the bolt pattern on the hat could never match with the bolt pattern on the coil bucket. in ANY configuration i tried. its impossible. so my only conclusion is that they reassembled incorrectly? please help. im desperate.
also, (please mind me if i dont use the correct terminology) looking at the coilovers individually, the uniball that the hat is attached to is not parallel to the uniball for the lower shock bolt. (hope that makes sense.)
thanks greg, or any TT member, or ANYONE....thanks in advance.:cheers:

ps. i hope im not just being retarded and overlooking something. but i swear ive played this out like a puzzle and cant beat it. if im wrong, ill eat chocolate ice cream while watching 2 girls and a cup. AHHHHH!
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It sounds like the lower and upper shock eyes weren't clocked parallel.
Does the upper "hat" line up with the 3 bolts holes, even though the bottom shock eye is "crooked"?
If you can get the hat to bolt on, then you can get a long rod to go thru the lower shock eye and rotate the the entire shock body to get things to line up...
great...that sounds like what i need to do. too bad there is no light out. or else i would do it right now. thanks for the help loufish. i just had no idea i would have to do that because when i bought it from PRG everything was in place. hmmm...
ran into another problem tonight. got the passenger side coil in thanks to loufish but on the driver side, the spindle will not seperate on the upper ball joint stud. in the past, all it took was a few hits on the spindle and it would come down to as far as i left the nut on. now that it wont come down, i cant put the radflos in. any suggestions? thanks for all the help.
Sorry, just saw this. You can actually hit the balljoint stud itself to get it out of the tapered hole, just be sure to keep t he nut on it and use a drift or punch. Did you have a CST kit? I cannot remember. These typically have to use a long drift or punch to hit the ball joint up out of the hole (watch the brake lines when swinging the hammer). If its a PC kit, there shoulnt be too much trouble, actually you shouldnt need to undo the ball joint at all if its a PC kit. You may need to undo the tie rod ball joint to remove the factory strut, but that ball joint is easier to remove than the upper a-arm one.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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