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PRG Leveling kit -Pics anyone?

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I am thinking of adding the PRG leveling kit on my 08 Titan KC 2wd, and would like to see what a KC/CC looks like with this kit already done. Could one of you that has installed this kit post a picture of your Titan?


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Put truck up on stands.

Pick a side you'd like to work on.

Remove wheel.

Remove cotter pin and nut from the upper ball joint.

While supporting the spindle to prevent it from flopping around, smack the spindle upright with a decent sized hammer near the top of it. This will release the ball joint stud from the spindle.

Rest the spindle in a location so that there is no chance the ABS wire will pull out of the wheel bearing/hub assembly.

Disconnect swaybar.

Remove the three nuts on top of the coilbucket/coilover.

Remove the lower coilover nut/bolt.

Lower the lower control arm and remove the stock coilover assembly.

Install spacer onto the top of the stock c/o assemlby.

Install modified c/o assembly.

Put everything back together.

Repeat for other side.

The PRG kit comes with bumpstops as well, which might require drilling a slightly larger hole in the lower control arm to mount the stops, so you can add that step in there as well.

If I missed something, I'm sure someone will chime in.
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