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PRG Lift and Tires Still Toed In After Alignment

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I have an 08 Titan 2wd. I put the PRG lift which was a breeze to do, and looks great. It was the 2 1/2 front and 1" rear. I had the alignment done after the lift and the tires were toed in. They realigned it to within specs. After the alignment the tires still appear to be angled in at the bottom. Greg at PRG said to get the camber/caster kit so I can have them aligned. According to there alignment sheet the caster/camber was still in specs. When driving the vehicle it seems like it sways back and forth on the road, I have to constantly turn the wheel back and forth to keep it straight, I did not notice this before.It seems as if the tires were angled in and I was riding on the outside of the tires. I guess my question is should I still get the camber/caster kit? Even though the caster/camber came up within specs should I still get it aligned again? Because its is obvious to the eye the tires are angled in in front. If the tires were angled in would that cause the sway back and forth on the road? I definetely would recommend the lift. I was told the newer titans sit slightly higher, and with the added 2 1/2" in front it might take a little extra work/money to get it right on alignment wise. The ride actually didn't change in roughness at all, which I was suprised at. Also around the turns it handles the same as before. Anyhow I would appreciate any help on the above questions. Thanks.
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I had the same issue as you after alignment (PRG mini lift). It just didn't feel right so I took it back again for an alignment and it rode better afterwards (in my mind anyways). The toe in was just slightly off by a little but nothing big enough to feel. It personally won't ever ride like stock again because you have changed the dimensions of your suspension designed. I would suggest that maybe you should get the camber bolts so the alignment guy has more room to tweek it. It shouldn't cost you anymore money for the alignment again, just complain that it's still pulling to one side and they will take care of you.
the toe in and camber are two totally different things. toe in is when the front of the tire(facing the front bumper) is angled in towards the front (meaning the fronts of the tires are closer together than the rear of the tires). and camber is when the top of the tire(facing the hood) is angled in(negative camber) or out in your case (positive camber) which is very bad for handling because you want some negative camber because when you enter a turn your tire leans and rolls to the outside of the turn which with negative camber it actually plants the tire flat and gives more surface contact. hence the reason if you look at a race car their tires are angled way in on top for better handling. whenever you lift a vehicle and don't change anything the camber goes positive because the wheel is now kind of drooping down and whenever you lower a vehicle the camber goes negative because it is being tilted up. i hope that kinda cleared it up a little bit. i've also heard that on the newer (ESPECIALLY 4WD) titans that you generally don't want to go any bigger than a 2" leveling kit due to interference with the upper control arm and spring bucket.
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It just really depends on what you want to do. You have to be specific if your application is 4x4 or 4x2. You can lift higher then 2 inches in any application, you just have to do it the right way. Researching on here will give you a pretty good idea of what is needed, or just call PRG. Greg/PRG is awesome to deal with and will take as long to help troubleshoot your problems.
EVO8 said:
You have to be specific if your application is 4x4 or 4x2.

toyotatundra07 said:
I have an 08 Titan 2wd. I put the PRG lift which was a breeze to do, and looks great. It was the 2 1/2 front and 1" rear.


What kind of alignment place are you dealing with. I only take my vehicles to a place that specializes in alignments and a few state inspections. They should be able to adjust the alignment based on their own knowledge and capabilites--they shouldn't have to rely upon numbers that their machine spits out to get it within spec. That's my opinion though.
Although you might not get the optiman camber/castor w/o a cam bolt kit, there's no reason why the Toe can't be right on...
If your truck never came with cam bolts from the factory, yes I'd get them then get the castor back to more positive.

BTW The alignment shop should be giving you the camber/castor range and what your truck acually left the shop with, if they can't/won't find another shop...
I'm going to agree with the others. Get the cam bolts in. After I did mine, the camber WAS within specs, but right at the limit on both sides. Visually, I could tell there was some positive camber in it. It just didn't "look right". My tires feathered (whether related to the positive camber or not), so I had them do the cam bolts at the dealer with an alignment. No issues to report after that.
Thanks for the help guys. Are the cam bolts fairly easy to put on? I put the lift on with no prob, will I be able to do the cam bolts?
The cam bolts are very easy, just take it out and put the new one in. You don't even have to take the tires off, just lift it high enough where the tires are off the ground and secured, then take the nuts off and push out the old bolt and insert the new bolt. Do one at a time.
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