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Prg Mini Lift Review And Advice

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I have an 06 4x4 crew cab and recently installed the PRG mini lift kit, here is my feedback and some advice for those thinking about doing it themselves. I spent about 3.5 hours with a buddy, which included a run to the local hardware store for nuts.. see below.

-Let's start off by saying I am very pleased with the results and the quality of the kit is top notch.
-I added a set of Nitto Grapplers on the stock SE rims 305/70R17. No rubbing at all and all I did was remove the mud flaps. No need to do the pinch weld mode.

-Only problem I had during the install was there were no new nuts to go with the new rear u-bolts:huh: , so I had to make a trip to the local hardware store... 9/16 fine thread did the trick.
-The rear u-bolts are also a little longer than I thought they should be, but I am going to trim those next weekend.

This is the one piece of advice I think most important from my experience. When seperating the upper ball joint the instructions say to use a small sledgehammer!!! Save your truck and use a "gear puller" got mine at harbor freight for 14.99. It worked awesome!!! It was like opening a wine bottle.. Admin wont let me post a link, but if you do a search on "gear puller harbor freight" you will see what I am talking about.

At the end of the day I would not change a thing, this is a great product and well worth the money.
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I'm surprised there were not new nuts for those U-bolts...Let Greg know, I'm sure it was an oversight.
Glad you like, my kit has been on for over a year and its still great!!

One thing though, Greg advises against a puller for the ball joint since the joint can be damaged. I've separated quite a few of these on my truck and others, and it really takes just 2-3 good knocks with a standard or slightly larger hammer...its no big deal and you won't damage the joint.
It doesn't take much to separate the joint, just a couple raps with a hammer. A gear puller really isn't necessary.
A puller works well, but not many people have one and its actually pretty easy to damage the boot. But they do work well. As for the nuts and washers, They should have been in a stapled plastic bag. If we missed them, im very sorry, please give us a call and we will make it right.
hey gregg I'm looking to replace 2.5 mini lift 05 titan 2wd, 1.5 blocks in rear.
looking for coil over rise to 2.5 to level it any suggestion?
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