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PRG Road Suspension Suggestions?

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Hey guys, I would appreciate your input. I don't like my shocks anymore. I know there are a ton of threads about suspension lifts and offroad discussion, but that is not what I want to do. This truck sees pavement and very few dirt roads.

First off, my front OEM shocks are getting pretty noisy. The rear seems more compliant, almost too much so. The back shock groans/squeaks when lifting up on the bumper. Axle wrap is becoming more noticeable. Mileage is about 20,000.

I just want a setup at stock ride height and handles well. I don't want to get into a situation of arguing warranty issues due to mods with the dealer, even with mangussen moss protection. I have pondered traction bars for quite some time, but not willing to tack on a weld to the frame yet.

I've read that Deaver 1" mini lift springs have helped against axle wrap, but they raise the truck 1.5" according to Greg's information.

My thought is to go with the Deaver springs for +1.5" and the Total Chaos spring shackles for -0.75" for a net lift of +0.75".

For the front, I am thinking about the Radflow 2" coilovers because there is some adjustability. Thoughts are to either set them at 0" lift, or adjusting them up to 1" to level out the net lift from the Deaver/Chaos shackles. I know the Donahoe coilovers are well regarded, but I don't feel that I will notice much difference on the road for twice the price.

For the rear shocks, I have seen a lot of talk about the ride of the Bilstein, but not a lot of discussion about the Donahoe rear. I am undecided.

Does the combination of the Deavers and the spring shackles work well together? Any drawbacks? Thanks in advance.
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My thought is to go with the Deaver springs for +1.5" and the Total Chaos spring shackles for -0.75" for a net lift of +0.75".
That's my set-up w/DR shocks. Works very nice. The 2.0 Radflos will be a big improvement up frt over the stockers...
I went to PRG wanting better handling and off-road performance without lifting the truck. I went with Greg's suggestion and got the Donahoe rear shocks and the Radflow 2" in front. Couldn't be happier.
Thanks a bunch. The Radflow front and Donahoe rear is where I am leaning, without the Deavers. When you guys say "big improvement," how would you describe it in terms of cornering, potholes, suspension noise, changes in ride comfort, etc. How long have you been running with your set up?
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