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PRG xtra tall lift w/BL on 20x12 -44 offset

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Its a PRG xtra tall lift with a 3 inch BL. The wheels are Fuel octane that are 20x12 with a -44 offset. I have added black mirrors, handles, and rear bumper. The front is a bumper and grill from Stillen with 6 inch lights mounted in the bumper. Pocket style flares, HID's, LED's, black headlights and tinted LED tails and 3rd brake light round out the outside. Injen intake, SC programmer, Detroit TT with Stillen diff cover and JBA exhaust that i hate are performance. Inside is basically stock but i do have a Pioneer TS double din. Let me know your thoughts or if you want to see more pics. I have a back up camera, train horn, black exhaust tip and more waiting in the garage for install. The tires are 37x12.50x20 Nitto trail Grapplers


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Looks awesome, nice work! Just out of curiosity what are your fender heights with that lift?
what c/o's are you running there? The front is a bit lower than the rear, but overall looks badass man!!!
The co are extended saws and actually the front is 1" higher than the rear it's just the land I'm on that makes it look like that. I'll measure the height, I just remember it being an 1" difference.
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Looks good. Ever consider 40s?
How does your truck ride..? Does the steering wheel shake a little side to side at speeds of 30-45ish..? I am very curious cause mine does right now....same setup as you but with the CST and Ext. res Radflos....
My wheel shakes a little bit from about 30-50, it is very common with large tires.
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