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Price of a stock grill

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So I am in the midst of putting a new crome billet upper and lower grill on my truck. Being the avid forum reader I quickly threw the directions away and got on TT to find out the correct way to install the grills. Searching around I found the "how to install a grill" thread and started reading. After I finished I went outside and started pulling my stock grill off. Everything seems to go ok untill I have to pull the bottom clips out. The thread said to just give it a good yank so I did. I figured that if anything broke it would have been the clips but in my case it just wasnt in the stars. As I pulled the part of the grill that hold the clips broke instead of the clips themselves. No problem right? I had to call the dealership as I got a recall card for my rear center seatbelt so I asked about the honeycomb part of the grill. The service guy told me I needed to come in so he could make sure he got the right part in. I pulled up about an hour later and walked in feeling confident that it would mabye cost about $100, maybe a little more. As I was waiting he finally told me that I couldnt buy just that part, I had to buy the entire grill and it went for $408 + tax. I looked for a smile to see if he was joking but no smile. I told him I could get some superglue and zip ties for under $10 and would see him when he got my seatbelt in. $400 for a piece of plastic.:huh: go figure
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had the same problem..sorta. I traded my chrome trim (its clipped to the honey comb) for a black one. Long story short, the grill he sent never arrived because DHL is retarded but, he got my chrome trim in 3 days shipped USPS.
I ended up buying a speed grill for $160. I still have yet to paint it black and install it.
sorry about your issue, yes plastic parts at dealer's is a joke.

The little plastic cap that covers a screw for the light stock I lost when changing out. That piece is $76. It's the size a dime and it costs that much, that price by the way is dealer cost not customer cost.

Go figure
hey I have the stock grill off an 05 SE for sale (Chrome) make an offer located in San Diego - Mike

Always good to buy it from a member here, if possible. But they're out there on Ebay too.
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