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pricing been released on nissan site

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nissan i see has now released all pricing and added it to their build and price on nissan canada and USA.

apparently its only available in crew cab configuration :/ and have so far only seen them available in 4WD.
its very annoying nissan is releasing only tiny bits and pieces and dragging it out for so long, they are losing already SOO many customers because they are dragging it out as long as they can. nissan sales and marketing people are very stupid imo as they say they want to compete in the truck market but they are not bringing the product to the table. still have to wait till at least spring to see the gas version.

starting price for canadians is:

titan S base: 52,400
titan platinum: 73,900


titan S base:40,290
titan platinum: 57,470
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In '04 all you could get initially was SE/LE, Crew Cab only.

Which is why I have an SE-CC.
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