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Pro 4X Coils + Bilstein 5100s

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Right now im sittin 2.5 inches higher in the back than front. If i get the Pro-4X coils and set some bilsteins on the 2in settin ill be fine correct? cause of the preload from the shocks?... I hope this will give me bout 3in and then i can throw an Add-A-Leaf in the rear and be ready to go.

Truck is 05 King cab 4x4. I don't need a real "flexy" suspension, my off raoding consist of muddy raods, fields, and ditches.

Thanks for any help
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I have that exactly setup 08+ 4x4 coils, 5100's in the middle setting. Zero coil bucket contact. I tried a .85 spacer (PRG 1 1/2 level kit) and I did get contact but like NorCal said that happens on some but not all Titan's.
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Is the truck pretty level after doing this??
I wasn't really trying to level my truck I wanted more room in the front wheel well. I think I ended up with about 2 1/2 inches of lift which actually had my front end slightly higher than the back on level ground. I installed a 1" spacer in the rear to get the back end slightly higher. Here is a picture leveled before the spacer in the rear. The front tire is sitting on a storm grate so it is hard to see but the front end was higher than the rear. I would say it is a safe bet that the setup will get your truck perfectly level at the least. Make sure you go with the 08 4x4 coil (part# 54010-ZR40A) and not the stiffer pro-4x (part#54010-ZR41A).


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so I wonder how it would look with the 08+ coils and the 5100's at the lowest setting??

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In theory should gain 1 1/2 inches of lift with 08 coils and 5100's not using the level rings. The shock is 1/2 longer than stock and the 08 4x4 coils are 15" long uncompressed compared to the 04-07 4x4 coils which are 14" long.
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