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Pro 4X Coils + Bilstein 5100s

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Right now im sittin 2.5 inches higher in the back than front. If i get the Pro-4X coils and set some bilsteins on the 2in settin ill be fine correct? cause of the preload from the shocks?... I hope this will give me bout 3in and then i can throw an Add-A-Leaf in the rear and be ready to go.

Truck is 05 King cab 4x4. I don't need a real "flexy" suspension, my off raoding consist of muddy raods, fields, and ditches.

Thanks for any help
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I think the recommendation is just the regular 4x4 08+ coil springs and not the Pro-4X ones.
And the middle setting instead of the top setting. So about 1" gain from the coils and 1.5" from the middle setting, for 2.5" total.
Does this combination work without any coil bucket contact??
It should work. The preloading of the coil doesn't cause UCA to coil bucket contact. Longer strut length and/or spacers can because they push the LCA down more.

If the top 5100 setting was used it still shouldn't cause it anymore than the middle or bottom spring perches, but the ride is said to be poor ... firmer and loss of droop travel so when a wheel goes into a hole the rest of the truck has to follow sooner than if it had more droop travel. So smaller road depressions are felt too.

That's why if you want to maximize travel, it is better to use a combination of a small 1.5" leveling kit and less preload, but the leveling kits can cause contact on some Titans when used with the 5100's, so often aftermarket UCA and grinding of the coil bucket lip, at the contact points, are required. The newer Titans are more prone to getting it, but some of the old one's do too, due to their coil bucket position on the frame.
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