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Pro 4X Coils + Bilstein 5100s

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Right now im sittin 2.5 inches higher in the back than front. If i get the Pro-4X coils and set some bilsteins on the 2in settin ill be fine correct? cause of the preload from the shocks?... I hope this will give me bout 3in and then i can throw an Add-A-Leaf in the rear and be ready to go.

Truck is 05 King cab 4x4. I don't need a real "flexy" suspension, my off raoding consist of muddy raods, fields, and ditches.

Thanks for any help
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Yes they are referring to the year. +08 springs are a bit longer which gives you lift and the pro4x springs are the same length as the +08's but a stiffer spring rate which gives a bit more lift than the +08's. You could definetly find them in a junkyard but it really wouldn't be worth the headaches when you can get them off rockauto new for around $65 a spring IIRC.
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