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Pro 4X Coils + Bilstein 5100s

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Right now im sittin 2.5 inches higher in the back than front. If i get the Pro-4X coils and set some bilsteins on the 2in settin ill be fine correct? cause of the preload from the shocks?... I hope this will give me bout 3in and then i can throw an Add-A-Leaf in the rear and be ready to go.

Truck is 05 King cab 4x4. I don't need a real "flexy" suspension, my off raoding consist of muddy raods, fields, and ditches.

Thanks for any help
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ok, dumb question (sorry, I am new to all this)...when you guys are talking about 08+ vs pro4x... are you literally talking about an 08 year model? or is 08+ just the name of the spring?

or, asked another way... If I just need an 08+ year model spring, could I find one in a junk yard?
Got the Bilsteins in. Ordered the 08 coils today, even though the guy at the dealership claims there is no difference in them. I'm trusting you guys over the dealership. :)
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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